Happy Mother’s Day!

In Australia we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.  So today 10th of May 2015 is Mother’s Day here. So here is a real heart felt wish for all the mothers, past, present and future; Happy Mother’s Day today and every day!! For the first time I have received my fully hand drawn … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

25th April 2015 Photo Challenge: Kids In Motion

Kids In Motion It is almost difficult to get still photos with Children 🙂 In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Motion."

Five Tips for the New WordPresser

I am New to Blogging…. this article has some great tips and learning material for any newbie. So here it is I hope this helps you out too.
The world of blogging is vast…. lets learn it slowly!

The Daily Post

Each week, we’re beyond fortunate to have thousands of new people join the WordPress.com community. (Hi there, and welcome! You’ll find cold beverages right next to the hot tub under the disco ball — make yourself at home!)

In our Community Pool feature — an open discussion thread for questions and feedback that runs each and every Monday — we often see comments like these:

“I’m new here and I’m not sure about x…”

“I’m a baby WordPresser and I’d like to know how to x…”

“I just started my blog last week and…”

Being new isn’t always the most comfy feeling. Here are five tips to help you gain confidence and get situated as you embark on your new blogging habit.

1. Establish your identity: get a Gravatar

Your Gravatar is the little photo of you that appears by any comment you make while logged into WordPress.com…

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Easter Schoold Hoolidays: Re Discovering Victoria Astralia

These School Holidays we had some visitors from overseas, two of my uncles and their families came for a visit.  And this was the perfect opportunity to show them and our kids this part of the world.  We live in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.  It has been quite an adventure during these school holidays as we discovered … Continue reading Easter Schoold Hoolidays: Re Discovering Victoria Astralia

How I Turned My Passion Hobby Craft Into An Online Business

Why online a business you ask?   Well for me it is able to offer the flexibility I am after with my two kids, work when I can, wherever I want to (so it depends on the sort of work hobby).  I love to see the world and be able to travel, so an online business where I don't have … Continue reading How I Turned My Passion Hobby Craft Into An Online Business

6 Tips for going Shopping with Toddlers

Who knew going shopping needs tips? Well it can be a mission going shopping with your toddlers, trust me I know first hand!.  I'll get straight into it.... Below are some tried and tested rules that I have for  myself. Rule 1: Do not forget the stroller!!! If you have a Tot that complains about his/her tired … Continue reading 6 Tips for going Shopping with Toddlers

ONE Launches #PovertyIsSexist Campaign to improve the lives of women worldwide

We can overcome world poverty if everyone in this world opens their eyes and hearts…..



“It’s about time someone said it. Being born female in one of the world’s poorest countries means your life will be harder, simply because of your gender. Unlocking the full potential of girls and women wouldn’t just transform their own lives, or even their families’ – it could help end extreme poverty for good”. – ONE

“Being born female in one of the world’s poorest countries means your life will be harder, simply because of your gender”. I often think about those words. As an American woman, who is healthy, educated and has been blessed with amazing opportunities to see the world, I wonder what my life would be like if I’d been born somewhere else. Like India or Chad or Afghanistan.  Would I just be a number?

The more I see and learn about the world, the more I realize that life is unfair in…

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Melbourne Museum with kids

Museums can be fun when you go to see something your kids are interested in. A couple of weeks ago when I asked my kids if we should go to the museum, my 5 year old daughter was very excited, and she said she had always wanted to go (which was the first time I'd heard her say, … Continue reading Melbourne Museum with kids