About this blog

We are a family of four, mum, dad, daughter and son.  You can get to know more about us here.   We love a bit of adventure in our lives.  So naturally we travel near and far to see and experience new things.  Currently we are planning on embarking on our very first motohome roadtrip around Australia.

This blog (written by the mum, Shani) is a journal for us to record and share our adventure sotires and also to meet like minded travelers.

I believe in letting our kids see the real world so they can learn about and experience the different worlds that exists within the worl they know, in order for them to be better people when they grow up.

Being a mum, juggling two kids and two small businesses (in order to live life on my own terms), I will try to record our adventures as regularly as I can so you can also give them a try and let me know what your thought are.

I am pretty excited about this blog, as I always worry about loosing my wonderful memories we create when doing something, this is the perfect place to keep them all intact so we can reminisce over one day. This blog will be my living scrap book to tell my stories of the adventures no matter how little or big they are, they will be recorded and not forgotten.

Apologies in advance, for I am no writer and you will find my writing not upto scratch (spelling was never my strong suite:)).  But if you manage to do read my posts I would love to hear your comments.

Hope you enjoy our blog!


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