Life Lessons by Shani

Learn from every experience… our true purpose is to learn to better ourselves, be kind and loving _ Shani

Something I truely believe is that we are living this life to learn valuable lessons. These life lessons will guide us to our happiness.

Here I share some of my life lessons in the hope it helps you find your happiness. This purely is me sharing my experiences. I don’t get paid by anyone or website I share here with you.

Once you re align yourself with your true purpose, you will also find joy and happiness

Your true purpose or path is one that gives you joy. A joy that makes your heart feel full.

For me my path is living life following my heart. I love to travel and live life outside the box created by society expectations with it’s unwritten rules.

I was following the “norm” the boxed life I call it. A good education to get a good job, a house and all other material stuff you could own. But I never felt truely happy working just for the sake of earning money to buy materialistic things. I always felt like I was missing something. I can finally say I feel free, following path.

What did I do to find my path?

Here’s what worked for me, but by no means will they be exactly what you need to do. But the basic principals may be more applicable to finding your path.

  • Essentially I started following my heart- stopped working for others and started doing whatever I felt was purposeful to me: When I was expecting my daughter, I decided to leave my process Engineering job and became a full time mum. My heart was feeling strong about becoming a full time mum who could give my time to love my kids and make sure they learn good values. I started making jewellery which could put a smile on someone’s face opening a shop on Etsy.
  • Started to read self growth books by authors like Louse Hay, Elkhart Tolle and many others and watching/listening to dr Joe Dispenza about brain/mind power. By doing this I was re aligning with my spiritual self who believed that we are infinite beings in having a material life experience.
  • Re connected with my childhood self, the self that was in tune with my purpose. I was lucky enough never to feel threatened by others or be bothered by what others had, but I felt my loved ones expectation and don’t want to disappoint them. This I put down to my karma. But if you feel peer pressure, or any feeling that you have to do something because someone else is doing it, that is the wrong reason. As for the the expectations, I had to overcome this, when I started developing anxiety disorder. I realised nothing is worth my kids loosing their mum. I reconnected with passion which was having an adventure exploring new and wonderful places and experiences. I was not interested in wasting my “time” doing things that didn’t make me feel pure joy anymore. I didn’t want to do anything because someone else did it or because others expected it from me. I realised what brings me joy was doing things that meant something meaningful to me. My childhood self knew what my true passions were, and I had to start bringing them back into my adult life. For me it was in the form of travel adventures.
  • realised that being mindful of your thoughts was key to keep re aligning yourself back onto your true path. This took me a long time to develop. Years of of self growth reading, watching, listening to people who have walked the same path to awakening themselves made me realise that the lessons are the same no matter how many books you read. You just have to start practicing being mindful. You can only keep to your path of you are mindful of your thoughts. Meditation can help a lot.
  • Meditation: you can practice a small meditation, do yoga to practice living in the present and just being. This will help you notice your thoughts.
  • Realise we have the power to be happy and have anything we want. This life is abundant. I can recommend a 22minute daily meditation by Bob Proctor on Mindvalley
  • Know you always have a choice to change your negative thoughts that lead you to negative feelings like hurt, angry, sad,jealous etc to positive thoughts that gives you positive feelings like love, happiness and joy. I make it my mission to catch my thoughts and convert them to positive ones. Even when the initial thought of a particular incident seems like it could only be a negative one. There’s always a silver lining you can find to focus on. Eg pandemic happened, instead of making it a bad things learn from it, I learnt the simple life is so much relaxing and joyful spent with your loved ones.

I hope this helps you live a joyful life.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.