Hamilton Island Wild Life Encounters

One of the free wildlife encounters at #hamiltonisland. These curious noisy #cockatoos would come over to the balconies to see what they can find to eat, or they are simply curious. Not at all afraid of us. #whitesunday #visitqueensland #sunshinecoast #australiagram #australia #wildlife #bird A photo posted by Travel The World With Kids (@familytravelnotes) on … Continue reading Hamilton Island Wild Life Encounters

Happy Mother’s Day!

In Australia we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.  So today 10th of May 2015 is Mother’s Day here. So here is a real heart felt wish for all the mothers, past, present and future; Happy Mother’s Day today and every day!! For the first time I have received my fully hand drawn … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

6 Tips for going Shopping with Toddlers

Who knew going shopping needs tips? Well it can be a mission going shopping with your toddlers, trust me I know first hand!.  I'll get straight into it.... Below are some tried and tested rules that I have for  myself. Rule 1: Do not forget the stroller!!! If you have a Tot that complains about his/her tired … Continue reading 6 Tips for going Shopping with Toddlers