Photo Challenge Wall: French Wall stories

French Walls that tells stories….

Here are some photos of walls taken while in France with an iphone.   Sadly I have lost all my other amazing wall art photos  taken in Melbourne Australia along with  all other photos I have ever taken with my digital DSLR since 2005 (yes including all my children’s new born pictures) in a hard-drive accident.   I only have these photos taken by  the iphone left from my travels which is not much, but I still get to enjoy some memories when looking at these:)

I love old walls, they must have seen so much that we can not even imagine…  Especially these ones in France where the history is so colourful compared to many other places.

Photo Challenge Wall!

One of the most Beautiful villages in France, Roussillon

I think I left my heart in Provence, a beautiful place

One of the most beautiful villages in France, Roussillon.  

The village and the Ochre trail boasts breath taking hues of ochre- reds and yellows.  Set  in the southern edge of the Plateau de Vaucluse, Roussillon is really a pretty hilltop village you would want to spend an afternoon or a day just taking in its beauty.  Tip, also beautiful to see the colours in the  setting sun.

Red Hues Of Roussillon

The Ochre Trail that is just a few steps from the village is mesmerising  The ochre-red hills amongst the deep green pine forest is truly worth a visit.  We went with our then 11 month old and 3 year old toddlers, and they loved the colours, and the red sand that coloured their hands.

The Ochre Trail : with my then three year old daughter
Look at the colour
Hilltop Village of Roussillon
Roussillon Ochre Trail
Views From The Ochre Trail

This brings back such wonderful memories…..  Provence is one of those places I would not mind going over and over again.

Where is that place  for you?