Breathtaking New Zealand

I lost all my photos in an external hard drive accident.   When I mean all , I lost all my babies photos, videos, travel photos…… pretty much a collection of memories (in photos & videos) over a period of 10 years, just gone.  Lesson learnt the hard way.   Never just store important photos or documents  in just one place,  have them backed up onto  more than one storage devices or clouds.

While cleaning the house getting ready to head on our next adventure I came across some USB sticks that gave me a wonderful surprise.   I found a few of my lost photos from some of our travels.  The photos I had put on as a slide show on my screen saver 5 years ago!   These are the only photos recovered  from a trip to New Zealand while my daughter was 6 months old, I am so excited to see them.  This is another way of saving them, just in case 😉


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