Why Travel?

I Travel Because;

  • It takes you out of the day to day robotic schedules and relaxes your stressed mind.
  • It lets you have an adventure in a new place with new surroundings.
  • It gives us a chance to “Stop, and smell the Roses”. Really appreciate what’s around us.
  • While traveling you get to experience what it is like to be present with wonder. Everything is new, bringing out the childlike wonder in us.
  • As a family it can bring your family closer together.
  • We learn so much during our travels, about the world and about ourselves.
  • It frees your soul and puts a smile in your face (this is my main reason for travel).
  • It makes you realise that you don’t need much to be happy.
  • It teaches you to appreciate this planet along with what humans have created.
  • It teaches you to love everything and be kind and respectful.
  • Also makes you realise we are on a planet that is always changing, and nothing lasts for ever in the same form.
  • It makes you realise the world is a wonderful place if we stop our greed and just look after it if we want our future generations to also enjoy it.

I wish I could travel nonstop…..

Let me know your reasons in the comments.

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